Welcome to CoryPoole.com. CoryPoole.com is the world’s first on-line photography agency specializing in providing publications world-wide with original, up-to-the-instant music and celebrity photography — and offering a gallery of more than 20,000 images for the enjoyment of the on-line public.

If you are a publisher of periodicals, books, or encyclopedias; or you’re a broadcaster of television news shows, read on.

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Using cutting-edge technology, CoryPoole.com is able to update our web site with exciting, newsworthy images continuously. Our staff of professional photographers — led by world renowned freelance photo-journalist Peter Bronson– are out covering events nearly every hour of every day. Their reportage is available — in the form of digital images — within hours after a shoot. We also make available transparencies and prints of all our material, to clients who require those formats.

One of our features, CoryPoole.com This Week, will make available to CoryPoole.com clients a wide variety of images and text from events occurring within the previous seven days. This way, our clients can log on to our web site and browse an assortment of new images and captions right on our home page, which can be down-loaded, manipulated and published immediately. When on deadline, and seeking the most compelling, current photographs for your periodical, CoryPoole.com is the first place to look.

Our easy-to-use, searchable data base is an excellent research tool. Whether or not your publication has the ability to use digital images, CoryPoole.com is the best and most economical option for your stock photography needs. Pictures are available at your regular page rates in a variety of forms, including transparencies, prints, SyQuest discs, photo CD’s, modem, e-mail and from our World Wide Web site.

For publications utilizing digital transmissions, easy access to our vast library of more than 20,000 images is seconds away. Photos can be selected through a number of cross-referenced variables, including band, date, event, venue, subject (celebrity) name, city, state and country; then, with the click of a mouse, they can be down-loaded to your computer momentarily.

For those not yet set up for this technology, or who prefer a hard copy, CoryPoole.com is still the ideal resource: utilizing our data base, you can quickly and easily find the appropriate picture for your publication’s particular needs. Once you’ve selected an image, sending e-mail or calling CoryPoole.com will have a slide or print in your hands expediently, via Federal Express, Airborne, DHL, or the courier of your choice. If you would like to begin receiving digital images from CoryPoole.com, we have an excellent techincal support staff that can help you get started.

CoryPoole.com is the most cost-effective and hassle-free way of procuring stock photography. Compare CoryPoole.com to a traditional photo agency: With a standard stock agency, you must call and describe images desired to a researcher or intern, who goes through a huge file of slides and tries to find what you’re looking for — for a steep research fee of $75 to $150. Once your selection of photos is found, it can take from one hour to 48 hours to receive them, and then you incur the additional financial burden of paying messengers or other couriers to deliver them to you. If the photos make it to you intact, you or one of your employees are responsible for booking the slides in. Now you have a light table full of valuable slides that you must keep track of. Finally you’ve selected a picture to use, and you have the additional task of scanning it to consider. Then, you must return the slides intact, paying an additional delivery fee, and praying to God you don’t lose any of the slides at $1,500 a pop.

With CoryPoole.com, currently you only pay for our photos when you publish them (although there are delivery charges for transparencies, prints and disks ordered.) There is no research fee when you find and select the photos yourself. Based on your data queries, you can view full-screen versions of the search results — precluding the possibility of the human error associated with describing what you want over the phone, to a clerk. If you’re ordering digital images, you’re not responsible for valuable slides, because we’re dealing in an electronic format. Photos are accessed much more quickly — just as long as it takes you to select the images you want and download them. There are no delivery or messenger fees (except in the case of transparencies, prints and disks.). The phone lines take care of that.