Affordable Image Editing

High-end image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Live Picture receive a lot of attention from the press, because they offer an extensive selection of features and capabilities. However, not every working photographer or graphic professional needs the power and capabilities of a high-end electronic imaging package to make save the date templates or other graphical elements. In fact, in situations where maximum power isn’t a necessity, the complexity of a high-end program may only slow down the image editing process.

That’s where affordable image editing packages come in. Many of these programs have a nice selection of broad-based image editing capabilities, and they often excel at one specific task or another. And, although they’re not as full-featured as their more expensive counterparts, they look and work very much like the high-end programs, but on a smaller scale.

A new generation of less-costly imaging packages recently entered the market. They are best described as project-oriented imaging programs, and they work very differently than conventional and more expensive image editing programs. Aimed primarily at consumers (but powerful enough to do some very interesting things to electronic images), these programs walk users through the different types of projects they might want to create.

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